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10th-15th January 2021: European Microwave Week 2020

Some last advancements of sumcastec work will be presented during the European Microwave Week virtual conferences. Join sessions Biological Microwave Effects and Imaging Techniques & Microwave Monitoring and Sensing of Biomedical Parameters on January the 14th 2021.

16th December 2020: eighth edition of the Stars of Europe

The SUMCASTEC team has been awarded by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation by receiving the 2020 Stars of Europe Trophy in the category research and innovation.The trophy rewards 12 selected coordinators of European research and innovation projects led by a French structure.



Sumcastec partners attended the European Microwave Week located in Paris this year and had the opportunity to promote their recent progress with the support of the European Microwave Asssociation topical group on Biological and Medical Applications of Electromagnetic Field:

One PhD student from Unilim with the IHP technological support of IHP presented to the Microwave engineering community their current development showing that emerging concept of Microwave Lab on Chips become now real and are on the way.

17th July 2019: Workshop on Biomedical Applications
of Electromagnetic energy



SUMCASTEC partners introduced their last research results achieved to the Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Energy Workshop organized by Pr Christopher Hancock and its team from CreoMedical the 17th July in The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath, UK.

16-17th May 2019, Sunrise Meeting on Solid tumor cancer, Nice

Sumcastec partners from ENEA attended the 3rd Sunrise Meeting on Solid tumor cancer stem cell network held in Nice (France) from 16-17th May with a great interest from attendees on SUMCASTEC research work.

10-12th April 2019, PLUMEE, University of Limoges

Phd students presented recent results of their research work during the PLUMEE 2019 conference ( Limoges, France. Interesting and exciting exchanges with the audience…

On 18th February, SUMCASTEC partners join Brussels to present to EU commission the main project progress in the frame of mid project review.

A new paper on UHF-Dielectrophoresis Crossover Frequency as a New Marker for Discrimination of Glioblastoma Undifferentiated Cells from the SUMCASTEC team appears in IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology. Read it on

SUMCASTEC partners share their results on Zenodo

Follow us on Zenodo!

The open-air platform where SUMCASTEC researchers disseminate their major scientific publications and communication material in Free Open Access!

Two more papers accepted for SUMCASTEC team. Recent advancement on microwave Lab-on-Chip developments will be presented to IMS 2019 symposium attendees held in Boston this year. Join us to the MS Microwave Week, the most important forum for the latest research advances and practices in Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave field (

SUMCASTEC is proud to have been invited to take part of RAD 2019 conference ( from 10 to 14th June 2019 Herceg Novi, Montenegro. SUMCASTEC researchers from ENEA will there present their latest results to the worldwide Radio-oncology community.

In the frame of the PIERS conference ( hosted by Universita di Roma, SUMCASTEC Consortium will organize a special session entitled: Computational Bioelectromagnetics: from Single Molecule to Human Body.

Feel free to join us from 17-19th June 2019 in the Faculty of Engineering of University of Rome « La Sapienza”, (ROME, Italy).

In the frame of the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2019, SUMCASTEC Consortium will organize a dedicated workshop entitled:
Electroceuticals: technologies and modeling for electromagnetically-mediated medical treatments.

Feel free to join us on Friday 7th June 2019 in Boston Convention&Exhibition Center (BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA)

Sumcastec research activities enable intensive & great collaborations through several sort term missions and expertise exchange between ENEA researchers and CREO Medical  (Ilan Davis and George Hodgkins joined ENEA’s Lab),  BANGOR University (Wesam Ghamal joined ENEA’s Lab), PADOVA University (Mirella Tanori and Arinna Casciati form ENEA joined UniPD’s Lab) and LIMOGES University (Lynn Carr will join ENEA’s Lab in may 2019)

SUMCASTEC researchers successfully develop a new Lab-on-Chip Electromagnetic Cell Sorter prototype operating on combined Microfluidic and Ultra High Frequency Dielectrophoresis (UHF-DEP) cell separation technic. 

Will it be able to isolate Cancer Stem Cells? We hope to know it soon!

On the 18 & 19th of December, Sumcastec project partners met in Padova for the SUMCASTEC’s second birthday, hosted by IRP: Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica città della Sperenza, the opportunity for each to present the lastest achieved results and progresses.

Ronald Pethig, Emeritus Professor of Bioelectronics at the University of Edinburgh, and pioneer in the application of dielectrophoresis for investigation on biological cells, joins the SUMCASTEC team as new member of our advisory board of experts. It is a great honor to have him on board!  Especially for helping us on future strategic decisions and orientations.

Welcome Ronald!

10-13th September: EMF-Med 2018 World Conference
on Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields

FESB (University of Split) hosted EMF-Med 2018 conference with a large attendance of BIO-EM research community in which researchers from EMF -Med COST Action and SUMCASTEC project were largely involved.

Congratulation to Dr Antonio Sarolic team for the success of this event!

Congratulation to Fatima Hjeij the first PhD student from SUMCASTEC team that graduates the 5th September 2018 her Phd degree from Université Limoges

13th July: Workshop on EM field interaction
with biological tissues for cancer and regenerative medicine

Bangor University and CreoMedical are co-organizing a workshop entitled « EM field interaction with biological tissues for cancer and regenerative medicine” to be held on Friday the 13th of July at Bangor University (Pontio, room PL5, 8:30-17:30). This workshop is free and open to attend for students, academics and clinicians at international research and industry institutions. 

The event will showcase the most recent advancements in lab-on-chip platforms for cancer medicine, electrosurgery, and tissue engineering. It will also create amazing networking opportunities with the participation of all partners in the EU-funded SUMCASTEC project and co-sponsoring from the Welsh Government’s National Research Network on Advanced Engineering and Materials (

Link to the workshop program: download Agenda_13th July

11-12th July: Bangor University will host the 18 months
SUMCASTEC’s Consortium meeting

It will be in the gorgeous campus of Bangor University, UK,  where all the SUMCASTEC project partners will meet for the third consortium meeting on the 11th and 12th of July 2018.

Hoping to see a fruitfull meeting and exciting progress towards novel technological developments.

10-14th June: SUMCASTEC partners attend and present SUMCASTEC
last results during IMS 2018 conference

This year, The International Microwave Symposium was organized in Philadelphia and as last year UNILIM, Bangor, ENEA & CREOMEDICAL was attending to promote their last results achieved in the frame of SUMCASTEC.

With main theme ‘Microwaves, Medicine, Mobility’, Philadelphia edition of IMS conference was the place to be!

14-15th June: SUMCASTEC partners attended
the IMBioC 2018 conference

The International Microwave Biomedical Conference is an emerging international conference focusing on state-of-the-art research in microwave and RF theory and techniques that bridge the science and engineering gap as applied to biological systems. Co-located with IMS 2018 conference, IMBioC is an ideal forum for sharing new ideas on emerging techniques and applications. (

UNILIM, Bangor, ENEA & CREOMEDICAL largely contributed to this event promoting the current SUMCASTEC research work.

Especially, Dr. Caterina Merla from ENEA, as invited speaker shared her experiences on “working at the frontier of engineering and biology: focus on linear and non-linear optical micro spectroscopy to understand electropulsation mechanisms on cells.” with the conference attendees.

More details in attached document : IMBioC2018_Program_Book_s

11-13th June: SUMCASTEC partners attended the International
Conference on Cancer Stem Cells and Oncology Research in Dublin

Two SUMCASTEC members presented SUMCASTEC and their research work during this international conference. Dr Sofiane Saada received the best poster award for his poster presentation on « Discrimination of glioblastoma cancer stem like cells by UHF-dielectrophoresis crossover frequency ».

Two SUMCASTEC members presented a poster describing the use of SdFFF for the preparation of defined cell subpopulations for the calibration of biosensors developped by XLIM in the SUMCASTEC project.

19-12th December: ENEA hosted
the 12 months SUMCASTEC’s Consortium meeting

The SUMCASTEC project partners went to the beautiful city of Roma, Italy, for the end of first year project meeting. Hosted by ENEA on 19 and 20th December 2017, to present and discuss about all progress and achievements performed since July. Actually, the project is running well, with exciting preliminary results and impressive progress as well on technology & engineering side than on the biology experiments & developments. This exchange time has also allowed preparing the first review of the project that will take place in Brussels in February 2018.

11-12th July: the partner IHP microelectronics hosted
the first 6 months SUMCASTEC’s meeting

All the SUMCASTEC project partners met for the second time in Franckfurt Oder, Germany, hosted by IHP microelectronic on 11 and 12th July 2017.

During this half year consortium meeting , the main progress and achievements done during the first 6 months of the project were presented and discussed. Actually, the first results shown by each partner are very promising for the up-coming challenging project activities. This exchange time has also allowed to plan in detail and organize the collaborative experimental work for the next period.

12-16th June: SUMCASTEC project was introduced
to IMS2017 conference attendees

The International Microwave Symposium is the largest and the most selective worldwide conference on Microwave devices and their application. This year IMS was held in Honolulu ( and the SUMCASTEC partners attended to present some of the first primarily results achieved in the project consortium to a large audience of microwave engineers and researchers.
In addition during this event, BANGOR & UNILIM organized a workshop dedicated to thermal vs non-thermal effects of electromagnetic waves for biomedical applications, in which especially Creo Medical and IHP Microelectronics partners have introduced their current developments.

14-16th February: the XLIM research Institute hosted
the SUMCASTEC project kick-off meeting

The University of Limoges officially launched this research program focusing on cancer stem cells isolation and neutralization. The first consortium meeting took place in the XLIM Institute over 3 days, from February 14th to 16th, welcoming the main representatives of the 6 European partners.

The first day has been dedicated to introduction of each involved team, their know-how and their resources. Following days allowed focusing on the main project topics and research actions with working sessions dedicated to the first achievements and experiences to be done during the next months.